Not fully apart.

Can you feel it?

The wind pushing us apart,

The storm whirling us a different way,

But we stand still and hold on,

We stand together, never fully apart.

But can you feel it?

Can you feel the world pushing us apart.



I’m a wreck,

Don’t you see?

You broke apart every last bit of me,

Don’t you see?

She’s everything that I’ll never be..


You walked away when I needed you the most, when we needed you the most

And I wonder, was it worth it? Was it worth leaving us behind?

Does your lover make up for us? Does your lover give you the joy we for some reason couldn’t reach?

Does he love you the way we love you? Does he need you like we needed you?

I wonder everyday, and I long for you, I long for the days where you’ll choose us, where you’ll stay with us, & where you’ll love us.

Waited a long time to miss me.

It’s been so long since the last time I felt like I mattered to you.

It’s been so long since you’ve held me, since you’ve loved and cared for me.

It’s been so long.

Was it really worth the wait?

Was it really worth the tears?

Was it really worth the pain.

Tell me it was worth it, tell me you love me, tell me I’m the one, tell me whatever you have to say. Just tell me it was worth it.